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F.U.S.E. – dimensions – 25th Anniversary Edition – Vinyl Box Set and Digital Collection

The one and only RICHIE HAWTIN has recently announced the release of a 25th Anniversary Edition of his album F.U.S.E.

You can grab your copy on The Vinyl Factory and hurry as there are only 500 Vinyl copies available.

You will hear some re-releases from amazing original tracks by Richie Hawtin. In addition, you will get new tracks from his unreleased album “Computer Space”.

Plus8 Records will release the album on April 15th, 2019 and Digital copies will be available in May 2019. Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva founded the record label in 1990.

Matador, Fabio Florido, Paco Osuna, Julian Jewel, and Christian Smith are a few of the great names who have had tracks released by Plus8 Records.

Dimension Intrusion
01. A New Day
02. F.U.
03. Slac
04. Dimension Intrusion
05. Substance Abuse
06. Downbeat (Unreleased)
07. AnotherTime (Revisited)
08. Theychx
09. Time Stop (Unreleased)
10. UVA
11. Mantrax
12. Nitedrive
13. Into The Space
14. Logikal Nonsense

01. Train-trac.1
02. Train-abuse
03. Drum-trac.2
04. Kaboose
05. Last-trac
06. The Day After (MV’s Mix)

Computer Space
01. Computer Space
02. Runner
03. Sanctuary
04. Last Day
05. Computer Space Album Mix

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